Fall Vibes

ic: Fall Vibes
ic: Fall Vibes
Ahhhh Sunday evening! Yes, another week has passed and another week is yet to come! Hope y’all are ready for the work week! As for me, It’s been a fun weekend! So blessed to have two days to relax and revive. Always ready for tomorrow! Anyways, just a friendly reminder: Be the energy you want to attract, so keep on sending those positive vibes! 
Shirt: 100% made with pure love. Bought this at a boutique in Santa Barbara and it's my all time favorite blouse. I love the intricate details and it just fits so perfectly. This is a size x-small. 
ic: Crop Top
Pullover Sweater: This sweater is by far the most comfiest sweater I own. It's so lightweight, but yet so soft and cozy. You can wear it casually or spice it up and look like a fashionista. Bought this at Forever 21 and it was only $19.99. Now, if you ask me, I think that's a great find. 
ic: Pullover Sweater

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