Trip to Cincinatti, OH

ic: Cincinatti Ohio
ic: Cincinatti Ohio
Oh hey y’all! Don’t mind me, just wandering around the city of Cincinnati!
ic: Cincinatti
I gotta be honest, this city is by far the cleanest and breathable city I’ve ever visited.
ic: Leather Pants
Doesn’t feel crowded at all, people are so nice, and so many chic places to eat at, drink at, artwork everywhere, plenty of choices to do and last but not least, the bridge that connects Kentucky to Ohio is by far the most prettiest bridge I’ve ever walked on. It definitely provides you the tranquility, brings you joy, it makes you appreciate everything that surrounds you, and most of all it’s a breath of fresh air. Now I see why many people jog and ride their bikes on it.
ic: Jumpsuit
Anywho, hope y’all are enjoying the weekend! 💕 The world is huge, get out and be an adventurer! Ask yourself... “Am I living my best life?”.. If your answer is “No” or “I’m not sure 🤔”.. then I encourage you to get out and go and collect those memories!

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