Sweater and Hat Weather

ic: Sweater Weather
ic: Sweater Weather
Good Morning Blogging world! Happy Saturday! Ahhhhh how the weather has changed. 2 days ago it was 86 degrees and I was wondering when I was going to start feeling the fall vibes and overnight, it turned just like that! The highest it got yesterday was 48 degrees. My oh my! And right now is 45 degrees. It’s definitely fall outside y’all. Hope you guys are ready for the sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, fireplace turned on and beanies all day!! Or this hat all day! This suede hat is so stylish you guys. I can literally pair it up with anything I wear out and it's just makes the outfit and puts the icing on the cake, or rather on my  head. 
Meet Lottie, I believe she 100% agrees with me. 
ic: Suede Hat
Enjoy the weekend! I know I will! xoxo 🍂🍁 #fall #fallvibes#fallfashion

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