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It was a Zoo Kinda Day

Today was a Zoo kinda day. It was about 96 degrees and lots of walking and sunscreen. Having comfortable shoes and a hat was a must. These legging were awesome in the heat. It's breathable fabric made the heat bearable.   I know Zoo are for kids and families. Even though we don't have kids.. (yet) we consider ourselves as big kids still. We enjoyed seeing all the animals at the zoo. The close encounter with them was super special.  For the first time ever, I rode a camel. I've never ever done it before, so that was an awesome experience. However, I do feel terrible for the animals as some of them are caged in. I do wish they are...

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Online Shopping

A little bit of funfact about me: I used to dislike online shopping you guys. I had no patience for the waiting game. I wanted that instant gratification and my mentality was always like...  "I just bought something and why am I having to wait for days?". I'd rather just go and shop elsewhere because ain't nobody got time for that.  But as I got older and wiser, I was able to see the positivity in online shopping. It showed me to be patient, to be grateful for things, and most of all, find the awesome bargain deals! I can skim through sites without having to carry items with me throughout the store. I can do it at my leisure...

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Farewell Spring Hello Summer Fashion

Farewell Spring! 🌸🌼 It’s officially Summer y’all! Happy Summer Solstice Day! I have visions on how I want the landscape around the pool to look like but obviously that requires a lot of landscaping, cutting the grass, digging up dirt, planting seeds, refilling the soil, blah blah blah and nobody got time for that. If you guys have ever planted the “Sunny Area Wildflower Blend”. Let me know how it turned out or better yet, what is the best plant to use around a pool. Much love! 💕

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