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Autumn is Calling, Leaves are Falling

Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling... Cozy sweaters, falling leaves, bonfires all night, pumpkin spice feels just right. Who else feels the same way about fall. I seriously love this weather! The colors, the crispy colorful leaves, the smell of the air. Living in a place where you actually experience all four (4) seasons is the best ever. I've lived in Hawaii and California and whenever October rolls in I always craved to feel the cold weather; of course it never happens. I would be going to pumpkin patch farms and it still feels like summer time (80-90 degree heat). Not complaining here but just super glad to experience the crispy fall air. 

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Fall Fashion

Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dance on a windy day! 🍂🍁 fall feels! Are y’all enjoying this fall weather? I sure hope so! #fall #fallvibes One thing I want to share with y'all is this cardigan; it is so comfortable. It is handmade to every bit of string. It is so cozy and it hugs my mid section which provides me that curve appeal from the back. Pair this with some comfy leggings, loose top, ankle boots, stylish beanie and don't forget the handbag. This is what I call a fall fashion. 

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Vacation Outfit

Happy Friday! Hope y’all are ready for the weekend to begin!! It’s passed 6:00pm and I am definitely ready for the weekend to start now! It’s been a busy week; between long work hours (2nd Phase of my Project starting, lots of Sub phone calls, conference call meetings and a couple of bids), the maxim contest, starting my classes this week which will be going on for 9 months, and trying to keep up with Keep Glam Simple, I definitely need a relaxing weekend. My Fiancè came home after work and said “Pack your bags, we are going to Ohio!! Let’s get away!” Woo-hoo! And that is exactly what we will do! He even got the Airbnb all ready and...

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