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Coffee & Fashion

Good Morning!!! Coffee????! Wishing y’all a beautiful Monday! Get up, drink coffee, be happy, do great things, stay positive, put your sassy pants on and prepare to get things done!  Another week ahead. I know sometimes, Mondays can be dreadful. We don't want our weekends to end and have to work the next 5 days, but if you find a job that you love, then you wouldn't call it work. The key to loving every day of your life is to do something you love doing for a living. Trust me, it's makes life so much easier. So, let's raise our cups of coffee on this beautiful Monday, which we call a blessing and another day to live on this...

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Pumpkin Patch Day with the Fiance

Autumn 🍂 is .... finding a purpose for every pumpkin in the patch! So keep calm and get your pumpkin on 🎃 happy Sunday Funday y’all! What’s on your agenda today? We went and picked out some pumpkins for this coming Friday’s carving get together at our place. We found some really good ones! We visited this farm that is super close to our place. Met the Owner awhile back, beginning of the year and he told me that his family has had this farm for multiple generations. He then proceeded to give me the pamphlet about their farm and who is a part of it now. Very fascinating how things gets passed on generations to generations out here in...

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Fall Fashion

Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dance on a windy day! 🍂🍁 fall feels! Are y’all enjoying this fall weather? I sure hope so! #fall #fallvibes One thing I want to share with y'all is this cardigan; it is so comfortable. It is handmade to every bit of string. It is so cozy and it hugs my mid section which provides me that curve appeal from the back. Pair this with some comfy leggings, loose top, ankle boots, stylish beanie and don't forget the handbag. This is what I call a fall fashion. 

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