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Coffee & Fashion

Good Morning!!! Coffee????! Wishing y’all a beautiful Monday! Get up, drink coffee, be happy, do great things, stay positive, put your sassy pants on and prepare to get things done!  Another week ahead. I know sometimes, Mondays can be dreadful. We don't want our weekends to end and have to work the next 5 days, but if you find a job that you love, then you wouldn't call it work. The key to loving every day of your life is to do something you love doing for a living. Trust me, it's makes life so much easier. So, let's raise our cups of coffee on this beautiful Monday, which we call a blessing and another day to live on this...

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Farewell Spring Hello Summer Fashion

Farewell Spring! 🌸🌼 It’s officially Summer y’all! Happy Summer Solstice Day! I have visions on how I want the landscape around the pool to look like but obviously that requires a lot of landscaping, cutting the grass, digging up dirt, planting seeds, refilling the soil, blah blah blah and nobody got time for that. If you guys have ever planted the “Sunny Area Wildflower Blend”. Let me know how it turned out or better yet, what is the best plant to use around a pool. Much love! 💕

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