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Cardigan Weather

Is Summer really over? Or Is it Autumn? Or is it cold? Well, with these knee high boots, you don’t have to worry about being cold! They are so comfy and perfect for this time of the year! Found these babies at Nordstrom for $10!!! No, you didn’t read that wrong! Really! $10! Love love love it! I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing 💕 And...... to top it off; this cardigan kimono is under $25, it is such an awesome accessory. It just complements this outfit so well. Find it at 

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Vacation Outfit

Happy Friday! Hope y’all are ready for the weekend to begin!! It’s passed 6:00pm and I am definitely ready for the weekend to start now! It’s been a busy week; between long work hours (2nd Phase of my Project starting, lots of Sub phone calls, conference call meetings and a couple of bids), the maxim contest, starting my classes this week which will be going on for 9 months, and trying to keep up with Keep Glam Simple, I definitely need a relaxing weekend. My Fiancè came home after work and said “Pack your bags, we are going to Ohio!! Let’s get away!” Woo-hoo! And that is exactly what we will do! He even got the Airbnb all ready and...

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