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Summer Weather is Not Quite Over Yet

Hello! Happy Sunday Funday y’all! How are you guys doing? How’s the weekend going? As for me, it’s been a great one, got to explore Cincinnati/ OH, ordered a spicy Bloody Mary and got a huge green glass of green tomatoes (couldn’t drink it all, way too spicy/ will never do that again), ate some great food, great conversation with Strangers, saw Rent-A-Scooters everywhere and most of all created memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Needed a mini get-away and now I’m rejuvenated for the week to come. It’s a gorgeous day in KY, 71 degrees, super sunny and it feels like summer isn’t over yet! Yay!! 

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Farewell Spring Hello Summer Fashion

Farewell Spring! 🌸🌼 It’s officially Summer y’all! Happy Summer Solstice Day! I have visions on how I want the landscape around the pool to look like but obviously that requires a lot of landscaping, cutting the grass, digging up dirt, planting seeds, refilling the soil, blah blah blah and nobody got time for that. If you guys have ever planted the “Sunny Area Wildflower Blend”. Let me know how it turned out or better yet, what is the best plant to use around a pool. Much love! 💕

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