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Casual Clothing

Good Evening Beautiful people! It’s finally Friday! Hope y’all have an awesome weekend. As for me, long weekend has been in full effect since the last 30 hours. This is what Summer and vacation days are all about. Having 10 people at my house has been an amazing time. Staycation because it’s my family’s first time visiting my humble abode. Having them in town and showing them around my city has been great! From Downtown, Kentucky River, Zoo, Science Center and the fun is still ongoing. Guess we will see what this weekend entails. May y’all have a blast and cherish the time with your family to the max! Work, life, balance!

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Fashion Style

Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside! Happy Saturday y’all! Keep on striving for the best and don’t ever settle for less! Fashion is a Style. Either you got it or you don't. If you love something enough, you will do everything in your power to get it. Speaking of getting what you want; I was in love with this top and for days I couldn't get it because it was out of stock and the company had no idea when more items will become available. So, I stalked it for weeks and tadda!! Finally got what I wanted and I am so in love with it, it fits perfectly and comfortably. Best blouse ever. It is...

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