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Summer Dresses in Full Effect

These boots are made for walkin’ and that’s exactly what they’ll do.. Happy hump day y’all! Top of the mornin’ to ya! Anyways, wanted to dive into a topic today. I know we, as women always have this mindset of having to always wear heels to look pretty/glam/mature, but honestly, heels are overrated. Since I’ve moved away from the big cities, I live in athletic wear and cowgirl boots. And guess what?! It’s been amazing! So, just a friendly reminder on a positive note; There is beauty in simplicity. Don’t feel like you always have to be dressed up to stand out. xoxo 😘 PS: my hair is real, they are not extensions. LOL

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Jumpsuits Are the Best

Jumpsuits are the best thing that has ever entered in my life. I seriously don't have to worry about having to figure what blouse goes with what bottoms. With jumpsuits, I can pick an outfit and literally go about my day. No more hours of getting ready. All I have to worry about are accessories. 

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The greatest thing about Spring is that all the flowers are all blooming at the same time. You're able to see the wonderful pigments, colors and beauty of every living plants, flowers, trees, creatures, and whatever blooms during spring season. Anyways, while strolling out in the beautiful fields of spring, a dress must be worn. Dresses are so convenient, they provide the flowy, comfort and elegance, which brings out the beauty of our figures. 

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