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Autumn is Calling, Leaves are Falling

Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling... Cozy sweaters, falling leaves, bonfires all night, pumpkin spice feels just right. Who else feels the same way about fall. I seriously love this weather! The colors, the crispy colorful leaves, the smell of the air. Living in a place where you actually experience all four (4) seasons is the best ever. I've lived in Hawaii and California and whenever October rolls in I always craved to feel the cold weather; of course it never happens. I would be going to pumpkin patch farms and it still feels like summer time (80-90 degree heat). Not complaining here but just super glad to experience the crispy fall air. 

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Coffee & Fashion

Good Morning!!! Coffee????! Wishing y’all a beautiful Monday! Get up, drink coffee, be happy, do great things, stay positive, put your sassy pants on and prepare to get things done!  Another week ahead. I know sometimes, Mondays can be dreadful. We don't want our weekends to end and have to work the next 5 days, but if you find a job that you love, then you wouldn't call it work. The key to loving every day of your life is to do something you love doing for a living. Trust me, it's makes life so much easier. So, let's raise our cups of coffee on this beautiful Monday, which we call a blessing and another day to live on this...

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Fall Vibes

Ahhhh Sunday evening! Yes, another week has passed and another week is yet to come! Hope y’all are ready for the work week! As for me, It’s been a fun weekend! So blessed to have two days to relax and revive. Always ready for tomorrow! Anyways, just a friendly reminder: Be the energy you want to attract, so keep on sending those positive vibes!  Shirt: 100% made with pure love. Bought this at a boutique in Santa Barbara and it's my all time favorite blouse. I love the intricate details and it just fits so perfectly. This is a size x-small.  Pullover Sweater: This sweater is by far the most comfiest sweater I own. It's so lightweight, but yet so soft...

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